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Tymoshkevych T. D.

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Article (Ukrainian)

Improvement of one inequality for algebraic polynomials

Chaikovs'kyi A. V., Nesterenko A. N., Tymoshkevych T. D.

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Ukr. Mat. Zh. - 2009. - 61, № 2. - pp. 231-242

We prove that the inequality $||g(⋅/n)||_{L_1[−1,1]}||P_{n+k}||_{L_1[−1,1]} ≤ 2||gP_{n+k}||_{L_1[−1,1]}$, where $g : [-1, 1]→ℝ$ is a monotone odd function and $P_{n+k}$ is an algebraic polynomial of degree not higher than $n + k$, is true for all natural $n$ for $k = 0$ and all natural $n ≥ 2$ for $k = 1$. We also propose some other new pairs $(n, k)$ for which this inequality holds. Some conditions on the polynomial $P_{n+k}$ under which this inequality turns into the equality are established. Some generalizations of this inequality are proposed.