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On the Spatial and Temporal Behavior in Dynamics of Porous Elastic Mixtures

Ciarlettci M., Iovane G., Passarella F.

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Ukr. Mat. Zh. - 2002. - 54, № 4. - pp. 527-544

In this paper, we study the spatial and temporal behavior of dynamic processes in porous elastic mixtures. For the spatial behavior, we use the time-weighted surface power function method in order to obtain a more precise determination of the domain of influence and establish spatial-decay estimates of the Saint-Venant type with respect to time-independent decay rate for the inside of the domain of influence. For the asymptotic temporal behavior, we use the Cesáro means associated with the kinetic and strain energies and establish the asymptotic equipartition of the total energy. A uniqueness theorem is proved for finite and infinite bodies, and we note that it is free of any kind of a priori assumptions on the solutions at infinity.