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Litvin E. G.

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Asymmetric approximations in the space $L_{p(t)}$

Litvin E. G., Polyakov O. V.

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Ukr. Mat. Zh. - 1999. - 51, № 7. - pp. 952-959

We introduce the notion of $(α,β)$-norm in the space $L_{p(t)}$ of functions $x(t)$ for which $$\int\limits_0^1 {\left| {x(t)} \right|^{p(t)}< \infty }$$ where $p(t)$ is a positive measurable function. We establish a criterion for the element of the best $(α,β)$-approximation in the space $L_{p(t)}$. We obtain inequalities of the type of duality relations.