Principally Goldie$\ast$ -lifting modules

  • A. T. Guroglu
  • E. T. Meric


A module $M$ is called а principal Goldie$\ast$ -lifting if, for every proper cyclic submodule $X$ of $M$, there is a direct summand $D$ of $M$ such that $X\beta \ast D$. We focus our attention on principally Goldie $\ast$ -lifting modules as a generalization of lifting modules. Various properties of these modules are presented.
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Guroglu, A. T., and E. T. Meric. “Principally Goldie$\ast$ -Lifting Modules”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 70, no. 7, July 2018, pp. 905-12,
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