A study of a more general class of nonlocal integro-multipoint boundary-value problems of fractional integro-differential inclusions

  • B. Ahmad King Abdulaziz Univ., Saudi Arabia
  • S. K. Ntouyas Univ. Ioannina, Greece and King Abdulaziz Univ., Saudi Arabia
  • A. Alsaedi King Abdulaziz Univ., Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Fractional di erential inclusion, multipoin, integral boundary condition, fixed poin


UDC 517.9

We develop the existence theory for a more general class of nonlocal integro-multipoint boundary value problems of Caputo  type  fractional integro-differential inclusions. Our results include the convex and  non-convex cases for the given problem and rely on standard fixed point theorems for multivalued maps.  The obtained results are illustrated with the aid of examples.


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