Major topics of interest

Please choose the section and the editor, which are most close to the topic of your article. It is necessary to provide us with this information in a Cover Letter during the submission of the manuscript.

Algebra & Number Theory

Yuriy Drozd
Representation theory and its applications in algebraic geometry and topology

Vyacheslav Futorny
Lie algebras, representation theory

Yaroslav Sysak 
Group theory, associative rings and nearrings

Pavel Varbanets
Analytic number theory

Differential equations & Dynamical Systems

Alexander Boichuk  
Differential equations, functional differential equations, integro-differential equations, boundary value problems, dynamical systems

Igor Parasyuk
Ordinary differential equations, nonlinear dynamics
Viktor Tkachenko
Ordinary differential equations, difference equations

Sergei Trofimchuk
Functional differential equations, dynamical systems

Geometry & Topology, Fractals

Sergiy Maksymenko  
Geometric, algebraic and differential topology, dynamical systems, singularities theory

Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk
General topology 

Yuri Nikolayevsky
Differential geometry, Lie theory, graph theory

Mykola Pratsiovytyi
Metric and fractal  theories  of numbers,  fractal geometry and fractal analysis, 
singular functions and singular measures, self-similar (auto-modeling) and nowhere  differentiable  functions


Functional Analysis, Operator Theory and  PDEs

Alexandra Antoniouk
Nonlinear PDEs, infinite-dimensional analysis

Anatoly Kochubei 
Non-Archimedean analysis, fractional calculus, nonlocal operators

Vladimir Mikhailets
Partial and ordinary differential equations, operator theory, spectral problems

Vasyl Ostrovskyi
Representations of operator relations, operator algebras

Lyudmila Turowska
Functional analysis, abstract harmonic analysis, operator algebras

Function Theory 

Igor Shevchuk 
Theory of functions, approximation theory

Sergiy Plaksa
Complex and hypercomplex analysis, boundary value problems for analytic functions and singular integral equations

Danylo Radchenko
Modular forms, algebraic number theory, convex and discrete geometry, combinatorics, approximation theory and Fourier analysis

Anatolii Romanyuk
Best m-term approximation, widths, entropy numbers

Mathematical Physics
Anatoly Nikitin
Integrable systems, symmetries of partial differential equations, supersymmetry

Dmitri Finkelshtein
Interacting particle systems, infinite-dimensional analysis, nonlocal kinetic equations

Roman Popovych
Group analysis of differential equations, Lie algebras

Alexei Rebenko
Mathematical problems of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics

Numerical and Applied Mathematics

Volodymyr Makarov
Numerical functional analysis, special functions

Sergei Pereverzyev
Regularization theory, information-based complexity,  inverse problems, machine learning

Sergei Solodky
Information-based complexity theory, Ill-posed problems, convergence analysis for numerical methods

Vitalii Vasylyk
Computational mathematics, numerical functional analysis

Probability and Statistics 

Andrey Dorogovtsev  
General theory of stochastic processes, stochastic analysis, stochastic interacting systems, stochastic ordinary and partial differential equations, probability in abstract spaces

Andrey Pilipenko
Probability theory, stochastic processes

Georgii Riabov
Stochastic flows, random dynamical systems, Gaussian stochastic processes, probability distributions on infinite-dimensional spaces