Piecewise-polynomial approximations for the solutions of impulsive differential equations

  • V. I. Bilenko
  • K. V. Bozhonok
  • S. Yu. Dzyadyk


On the basis of V. Dzyadyk’s approximation method, we consider the problems of construction and theoretical substantiation of high-precision numerical-analytic algorithms for the piecewise polynomial approximation of the solutions of problems with pulsed action.
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Bilenko, V. I., K. V. Bozhonok, and S. Y. Dzyadyk. “Piecewise-Polynomial approximations for the Solutions of Impulsive Differential Equations”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 71, no. 2, Feb. 2019, pp. 168-79, https://umj.imath.kiev.ua/index.php/umj/article/view/1429.
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