Asymptotic behavior of a class of perturbed differential equations

  • A. Dorgham Univ. Sfax, Tunisia
  • M. Hammi Univ. Sfax, Tunisia
  • M. A. Hammami Univ. Sfax, Tunisia
Keywords: Differential equations, perturbations, Lyapunov function, stability


UDC 517.9

This paper deals with the problem of stability of nonlinear differential equations with perturbations.
Sufficient conditions for global uniform asymptotic stability in terms of Lyapunov-like functions and integral inequality are obtained.
The asymptotic behavior is studied in the sense that the trajectories converge to a small ball centered at the origin.
Furthermore, an illustrative example in the plane is given to verify the effectiveness of the theoretical results.



Author Biography

M. A. Hammami , Univ. Sfax, Tunisia




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DorghamA., HammiM., and Hammami M. A. “Asymptotic Behavior of a Class of Perturbed Differential Equations”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 73, no. 5, May 2021, pp. 627 -39, doi:10.37863/umzh.v73i5.232.
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