Integral manifolds for semilinear evolution equations and admissibility of function spaces

  • Phi Hà Hanoi Univ. Education, Vietnam
  • Thiếu Huy Nguyễn Hanoi Univ. Sci. and Technology, Vietnam; Techn. Univ. Darmstadt, Germany
  • Thì Ngọc Hà Vụ Hanoi Univ. Sci. and Technology, Vietnam


We prove the existence of integral (stable, unstable, center) manifolds for the solutions to the semilinear integral equation $u(t) = U(t,s)u(s) + \int^t_s U(t,\xi)f (\xi,u(\xi))d\xi$ in the case where the evolution family $(U(t, s))_{t leq s}$ has an exponential trichotomy on a half-line or on the whole line, and the nonlinear forcing term $f$ satisfies the $\varphi $-Lipschitz conditions, i.e., $||f (t, x) — f (t, y) \leq \varphi p(t)||x — y||$, where $\varphi (t)$ belongs to some classes of admissible function spaces. Our main method invokes the Lyapunov-Perron methods, rescaling procedures, and the techniques of using the admissibility of function spaces.
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Hà, P., T. H. Nguyễn, and T. N. H. Vụ. “Integral Manifolds for Semilinear Evolution Equations and Admissibility of Function Spaces”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 64, no. 6, June 2012, pp. 772-96,
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