Solution of a second-order Poincaré-Perron-type equation and differential equations that can be reduced to it

  • V. E. Kruglov


The analytical solution of the second-order difference Poincare–Perron equation is presented. This enables us to construct in the explicit form a solution of the differential equation $$t^2(A_1t^2 + B_1t + C_1)u'' + t(A_2t^2 + B_2t + C_2)u' + (A_3t^2 + B_3t + C_3)u = 0 $$ The solution of the equation is represented in terms of two hypergeometric functions and one new special function. As a separate case, the explicit solution of the Heun equation is obtained, and polynomial solutions of this equation are found.
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Kruglov, V. E. “Solution of a Second-Order Poincaré-Perron-Type Equation and Differential Equations That Can Be Reduced to It”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 60, no. 7, July 2008, pp. 900–917,
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