Topological Classification of <em class="a-plus-plus">m</em>-Fields on Two- and Three-Dimensional Manifolds with Boundary

  • O. O. Prishlyak


We consider m-fields that are generalizations of the Morse–Smale vector fields for manifolds with boundary. We construct complete topological invariants of m-fields on surfaces and m-fields without closed trajectories on three-dimensional manifolds. We also prove criteria for the topological equivalence of m-fields.
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Prishlyak, O. O. “Topological Classification of <em class="a-Plus-plus">m</Em&gt;-Fields on Two- and Three-Dimensional Manifolds With Boundary”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 55, no. 6, June 2003, pp. 799-05,
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