Weighted Lebesgue and central Morrey estimates for $p$-adic multilinear Hausdorff operators and its commutators

  • N. M. Chuong Inst. Math., Vietnam. Acad. Sci. and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • D. V. Duong School Math., Mientrung Univ. Civil Engineering, Phuyen, Vietnam
  • K. H. Dung Van Lang Univ., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Keywords: Multilinear Hausdorff operator, commutator, central BMO space, Morrey space, $A_p$ weight, maximal operator, $p$-adic analysis


UDC 517.9

We establish the sharp boundedness of $p$-adic multilinear Hausdorff operators on the product of Lebesgue and central Morrey spaces associated with both power weights and Muckenhoupt weights. Moreover, the boundedness for the commutators of $p$-adic multilinear Hausdorff operators on the such spaces with symbols in central BMO space is also obtained.

Author Biography

K. H. Dung, Van Lang Univ., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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