On a class of $\lambda$ -modules

  • I. E. Wijayanti Univ. Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
  • M.  Ardiyansyah Aalto Univ., Finland
  • P. W. Prasetyo Univ. Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia
Keywords: lattice of ideals, lattice of submodules, multiplication modules, class of modules


UDC 512.5

Smith in paper [{\it Mapping between module lattices}, Int. Electron. J. Algebra, {\bf 15}, 173–195 (2014)] introduced maps between the lattice of ideals of a commutative ring and the lattice of submodules of an $R$-module $M,$ i.e., $\mu$ and $\lambda$ mappings. The definitions of the maps were motivated by the definition of multiplication modules. Moreover, some sufficient conditions for the maps to be a lattice homomorphisms are studied. In this work we define a class of $\lambda$-modules and observe the properties of the class. We give a sufficient conditions for the module and the ring such that the class $\lambda$ is a hereditary pretorsion class.

Author Biography

P. W. Prasetyo, Univ. Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia



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