Some characterizations of three-dimensional trans-Sasakian manifolds admitting η- Ricci solitons and trans-Sasakian manifolds as Kagan subprojective space

  • A. Sarkar Univ. Kalyani, West Bengal, India
  • A. Sil Univ. Kalyani, West Bengal, India
  • A. K. Paul Univ. Kalyani, West Bengal, India


UDC 514.7

The object of the present paper is to study three-dimensional trans-Sasakian manifolds admitting $\eta$-Ricci soliton. Actually, we study such manifolds whose Ricci tensor satisfy some special conditions like cyclic parallelity, Ricci semisymmetry, $\phi$-Ricci semisymmetry, after reviewing the properties of second order parallel tensors on such manifolds. We determine the form of Riemann curvature tensor of trans-Sasakian manifolds of dimension greater than three as Kagan subprojective spaces. We also give some classification results of trans-Sasakian manifolds of dimension greater than three as Kagan subprojective spaces.


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