A $(p,q)$ analogue of Poly-Euler polynomials and some related polynomials

Keywords: Poly-Euler Polynomial


UDC 517.5

We introduce a $(p,q)$-analogue of the poly-Euler polynomials and numbers by using the $(p,q)$-polylogarithm function.  These new sequences are generalizations of the poly-Euler numbers and polynomials.  We give several combinatorial identities and properties of these new polynomials, and also show some relations with $(p,q)$-poly-Bernoulli polynomials and $(p,q)$-poly-Cauchy polynomials. The $(p,q)$-analogues generalize the well-known concept of the $q$-analogue.

Author Biography

J. L. Ramírez, Univ. Nac. Colombia, Bogotá


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