Approximation of bounded holomorphic and harmonic functions by Fejér means

  • V. V. Savchuk
  • M. V. Savchuk Iн-т пiдготовки кадрiв держ. служби зайнятостi України, Київ
  • S. O. Chaichenko Слов'ян. пед. ун-т


We compute the exact values of the exact upper bounds on the classes of bounded holomorphic and harmonic functions in a unit disk for the remainders in a Voronovskaya-type formula in the case of approximation by Fej´er means. We also present some consequences that are of independent interest.
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Savchuk, V. V., M. V. Savchuk, and S. O. Chaichenko. “Approximation of Bounded holomorphic and Harmonic Functions by Fejér Means”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 71, no. 4, Apr. 2019, pp. 516-42,
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