Inverse problem in the space of generalized functions

  • G. P. Lopushanskaya (Львiв. нац. ун-т, Ряшiв. ун-т, Польща)
  • A. O. Lopushanskyi (Львiв. нац. ун-т, Ряшiв. ун-т, Польща)
  • V. Rapita


For a linear nonhomogeneous diffusion equation with fractional derivative of order $\beta \in (0, 2)$ with respect to time, we establish a unique solvability of the inverse problem of determination of a pair of functions: the generalized solution u (classical as a function of time) of the first boundary-value problem for the indicated equation with given generalized functions on the right-hand sides and the unknown (depending on time) continuous coefficient of the minor term of the equation under the overdetermination condition $$\bigl( u(\cdot , t), \varphi_0(\cdot ) \bigr) = F(t), t \in [0, T].$$ Here, $F$ is a given continuous function and $(u(\cdot , t), \varphi_0(\cdot ))$ is the value of the unknown generalized function u on a given test function $\varphi_0$ for any $t \in [0, T]$.
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Lopushanskaya, G. P., A. O. Lopushanskyi, and V. Rapita. “Inverse Problem in the Space of Generalized Functions”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 68, no. 2, Feb. 2016, pp. 241-53,
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