The rate of pointwise approximation of positive linear operators based on <i>q</i>-integer

  • Vijay Gupta School Appl. Sci., Netaji Subhas Inst. Technology, New Delhi, India
  • G. Nowak The Great Poland Univ. Soc. and Econ. in Sroda Wielkopolska, Poland


This paper is concerned with positive linear operators based on a q-integer. The rate of covergence of these operators are established. For these operators, we give Voronovskaya-type theorems and apply them to q Bernstein polynomials and q-Stancu operators.
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Gupta, V., and G. Nowak. “The Rate of Pointwise Approximation of Positive Linear Operators Based on <i>q</I&gt;-Integer”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 63, no. 3, Mar. 2011, pp. 350-6,
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