Groups with Bounded Chernikov Conjugate Classes of Elements

  • L. A. Kurdachenko
  • J. Otal
  • I. Ya. Subbotin


We consider BCC-groups, that is groups G with Chernikov conjugacy classes in which for every element xG the minimax rank of the divisible part of the Chernikov group G/C G(x G) and the order of the corresponding factor-group are bounded in terms of G only. We prove that a BCC-group has a Chernikov derived subgroup. This fact extends the well-known result due to B. H. Neumann characterizing groups with bounded finite conjugacy classes (BFC-groups).
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Kurdachenko, L. A., J. Otal, and I. Y. Subbotin. “Groups With Bounded Chernikov Conjugate Classes of Elements”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 54, no. 6, June 2002, pp. 798-07,
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