On analytic solutions of operator differential equations

  • M. L. Gorbachuk


We find conditions on a closed operator A in a Banach space that are necessary and sufficient for the existence of solutions of a differential equation y′(t) = Ay(t), t ∈[0,∞),in the classes of entire vector functions with given order of growth and type. We present criteria for the denseness of classes of this sort in the set of all solutions. These criteria enable one to prove the existence of a solution of the Cauchy problem for the equation under consideration in the class of analytic vector functions and to justify the convergence of the approximate method of power series. In the special case where A is a differential operator, the problem of applicability of this method was first formulated by Weierstrass. Conditions under which this method is applicable were found by Kovalevskaya.
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Gorbachuk, M. L. “On Analytic Solutions of Operator Differential Equations”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 52, no. 5, May 2000, pp. 596-07, https://umj.imath.kiev.ua/index.php/umj/article/view/4454.
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