Uncertainty principles for the $q$-Hankel–Stockwell transform

  • Kamel Brahim Department of Mathematics, College of Science, University of Bisha, Saudi Arabia and Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia
  • Hédi Ben Elmonser Department of Mathematics, College of Science Al-Zul, Majmaah University, Al-Majmaah, Saudi Arabia and Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technologie and Applied Sciences, Tunis, Tunisia
Keywords: q-Harmonic analysis, q-Hankel Stockwell transform, Uncertainty principles


UDC 517.3

By using the $q$-Jackson integral and some elements of the $q$-harmonic analysis associated with the $q$-Hankel transform, we introduce and study a $q$-analog of the Hankel–Stockwell transform. We give some harmonic analysis properties (Plancherel formula, inversion formula, reproduicing kernel, etc.).  Furthermore, we establish a version of Heisenberg's uncertainty principles. Finally, we study the $q$-Hankel–Stockwell transform on a subset of finite measure.


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Brahim, K., and H. Ben Elmonser. “Uncertainty Principles for the $q$-Hankel–Stockwell Transform”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 75, no. 7, July 2023, pp. 888 -03, doi:10.37863/umzh.v75i7.7166.
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