Estimates for analytic functions concerned with Hankel determinant

  • B. N. Örnek Amasya Univ., Turkey
Keywords: Fekete-Szegˆ functional, Hankel determinant, Jackís lemma, Analytic function, Schwarz lemma


UDC 517.5

We give an upper bound of Hankel determinant of the first order $(H_{2}(1))$ for the classes of an analytic function.
In addition, an evaluation with the Hankel determinant from below will be given for the second angular derivative of $f(z)$ analytic function.
For new inequalities, the results of Jack's lemma and Hankel determinant were used.
Moreover, in a class of analytic functions on the unit disc, assuming the existence of an angular limit on the boundary point, the estimations below of the modulus of angular derivative have been obtained.



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