Finite structurally uniform groups and commutative nilsemigroups

  • V. D. Derech


Let $S$ be a finite semigroup. By $\mathrm{S}\mathrm{u}\mathrm{b}(S)$ we denote the lattice of all its subsemigroups. If $A \in \mathrm{S}\mathrm{u}\mathrm{b}(S)$, then by $h(A)$ we denote the height of the subsemigroup $A$ in the lattice $\mathrm{S}\mathrm{u}\mathrm{b}(S)$. A semigroup $S$ is called structurally uniform if, for any $A, B \in \mathrm{S}\mathrm{u}\mathrm{b}(S)$ the condition $h(A) = h(B) implies that A \sim = B$. We present a classification of finite structurally uniform groups and commutative nilsemigroups.
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Derech, V. D. “Finite Structurally Uniform Groups and Commutative Nilsemigroups”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 70, no. 8, Aug. 2018, pp. 1072-84,
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