Generalized derivations and commuting additive maps on multilinear polynomials in prime rings

  • Filippis V. De
  • B. Dhara
  • G. Scudo


Let $R$ be a prime ring with characteristic different from $2, U$ be its right Utumi quotient ring, $C$ be its extended centroid, $F$ and $G$ be additive maps on $R$ , $f(x_1, ..., x_n)$ be a multilinear polynomial over $C$, and $I$ be a nonzero right ideal of $R$ . We obtain information about the structure of $R$ and describe the form of $F$ and $G$ in the following cases: $$(1) [(F^2 + G)(f(r_1, ..., r_n)), f(r_1, ..., r_n)] = 0$$ for all $r_1, . . . , r_n \in R$, where $F$ and $G$ are generalized derivations of $R$ ; $$(2) [(F^2 + G)(f(r_1, ..., r_n)), f(r_1, ..., r_n)] = 0$$for all $r_1, ..., r_n \in I$, where $F$ and $G$ are derivations of $R$.
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De, F. V., B. Dhara, and G. Scudo. “Generalized Derivations and Commuting Additive maps on Multilinear Polynomials in Prime Rings”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 68, no. 2, Feb. 2016, pp. 183-01,
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