Topological conjugate piecewise linear unimodal mappings of an interval into itself

  • V. V. Kirichenko
  • M. V. Plakhotnyk Київ. нац. ун-т iм. Т. Шевченка


Let $f, g : [0, 1] \rightarrow [0, 1]$ be a pair of continuous piecewise linear unimodal mappings and let $f$ be defined as follows: $f(x) = 2x$ for $x \leq 1/2$ and $f(x) = 2 - 2x$ for $x > 1/2$. Also let $h : [0, 1] \rightarrow [0, 1]$ be a piecewise differentiable homeomorphism such that $fh = hg$. Then $h$ is piecewise linear and the mapping $f$ completely determines $g$ and $h$, together with the ascending or descending monotone parts of $g$.
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Kirichenko, V. V., and M. V. Plakhotnyk. “Topological Conjugate Piecewise Linear Unimodal mappings of an Interval into Itself”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 68, no. 2, Feb. 2016, pp. 217-26,
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