Sharp Remez-type inequalities for differentiable periodic functions, polynomials and splines

  • V. A. Kofanov


For any $\omega > 0,\; \beta \in (0, 2\omega)$, and any measurable set $B \in I_d := [0, d],\; \mu B = \beta$, we obtain the following sharp inequality of the Remez type: $$||x||_{\infty} \leq \frac{3||\varphi||_{\infty} - \varphi \biggl(\frac{\omega - \beta}2 \biggr)}{||\varphi||_{\infty} + \varphi \biggl(\frac{\omega - \beta}2 \biggr)} ||x||_{L_{\infty}(I_d\setminus B)}$$ on the set $S_{\varphi} (\omega )$ of functions $x$ with minimal period $d (d \geq 2\omega)$ and a given sine-shaped $2\omega$ -periodic comparison function $\varphi$. In particular, we prove the sharp Remez-type inequalities on the Sobolev spaces of differentiable periodic functions. We also obtain inequalities of the indicated type on the spaces of trigonometric polynomials and polynomial splines.
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Kofanov, V. A. “Sharp Remez-Type Inequalities for Differentiable Periodic Functions, Polynomials and Splines”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 68, no. 2, Feb. 2016, pp. 227-40,
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