On the modularity of a lattice of $τ$-closed $n$-ultiply $ω$-composite formations

  • N. N. Vorob'ev
  • A. A. Tsarev


Let $n ≥ 0$, let $ω$ be a nonempty set of prime numbers and let $τ$ be a subgroup functor (in Skiba’s sense) such that all subgroups of any finite group $G$ contained in $τ (G)$ are subnormal in $G$. It is shown that the lattice of all $τ$-closed $n$-multiply $ω$-composite formations is algebraic and modular.
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Vorob’ev, N. N., and A. A. Tsarev. “On the Modularity of a Lattice of $τ$-Closed $n$-Ultiply $ω$-Composite Formations”. Ukrains’kyi Matematychnyi Zhurnal, Vol. 62, no. 4, Apr. 2010, pp. 453–463, https://umj.imath.kiev.ua/index.php/umj/article/view/2879.
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